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The 21st century woman’s perspective.

I did not write this as a form of retaliation .Nor in rage ,hate ,agony or any form of manner that may provoke a rise of conflict.However,now that we share equal sides in traffic ,the battered woman silenced,lest we not forge kindness towards the notion that we as women  have become a source of the syndrome of pulling each other down.It is clear as day ,we have become a bootleg version of our oppressors.Our societies have envisioned and handcrafted the woman as power-hungry ,and vulnerable to relations.Her struggle to belong in a home ,bare kids and find a man of modern stature has become her sole burden.

Insinuated within the art of money over love,material over real kindness,dynasty over vows,security over stability.The so ‘liberated woman’ struggles even ,to recognize her very own shadow.All these ,have made me wonder …will my next generation consist of powerful ,yet lonely women?,Beautiful yet ,unbearable women?,self-absorbed ,materialistic single mothers who would rather opt for staying married to their friend’s comments,approval and validation?…untamed ,masculine structures proud enough to stay true to what the believe in?The Winnies without Mandela,the Michelles without Obama?

What of the generation whose success depend on the women they have behind them?what of the poor?,do we keep mocking them to quench our superior complexity? to feel better than someone and about ourselves?…What of love?,are we too powerful for it too?

The successful woman,the one my younger self envisioned,is selfless.Believes in kindness being an act of freedom,sees woman as companion rather than competition.Always on a mission to enlighten and share knowledge rather that seeking opposition.A shoulder to another,does not rejoice in another’s downfall,yet she is a voice to other women always uttering greatness.’We’ will prevail,’We’ will prosper,’We’ can achieve everything we set our mind to.The successful woman is a silver lining on a celestial light.A key to opening the treasures to a successful,united society.She encompasses strength,is untainted,unswayed and unreserved.